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Upper East Side’s venerable Mezzaluna

posted Feb 17, 2012, 9:37 AM by Web Master
This marble-countered offshoot hails from the Upper East Side’s venerable Mezzaluna, where pizzaiolo Francesco Vitale stoked the wood-burning oven for years. Downtown, in the old DeMarco’s takeout space, he bakes pies that are light and fragrant, cracking only slightly at the rim when folded, and topped with characteristic Neapolitan restraint. We’re partial to his stromboli, a pungent combination of olives, capers, anchovy, and sun-dried tomatoes, which we like to doctor with Vitale’s special chile peppers in oil. Vitale invented his seven-inch pizzette as a tasty, single-serving answer to the eternal request for grab-and-go slices, and he can make one to order in about the time it takes to reheat a slice-joint slab. — Rob Patronite and Robin Raisfeld